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Frippie allows you to record spoofed calls and play back or download those recordings, right from the app or the website.  Call Recording is free with your Frippie account, and works on any spoofed call you make.  Here's a little information about the Call Recorder:

How long are recordings kept?

30 days, or if you have too many recorded calls on the server, older calls may be removed to make room for new calls.  Customers are given 1 Gigabyte (1Gb) of space on the Frippie cloud to store recordings.  Because the recordings are kept in .MP3 format, they take up only a small amount of space, so it's possible to have hundreds of calls stored before reaching the 1Gb limit.  However, we recommend that you actively manage your calls (download them, delete them) if you are concerned with making sure they are kept forever.

Is it possible to restore deleted or lost recordings?

Yes.  However, there is a fee of $25.00 for each calendar day you need calls restored from.  There is no limit to the number of calls that can be restored from a single day, but each calendar day involved in the restoration will incur a separate fee.  Once the recovery operation is complete, calls are held in a secure location until payment is processed.  Once the fees is successfully billed to your credit card, the calls can be released to you via DropBox or email, depending on the size of the restoral.

Does Frippie record calls that aren't answered?

No.  Because there is usually no reason to play back a call that wasn't answered, Frippie doesn't consume cloud disk space and resources to record unanswered calls.  If you need that capability, no problem!  Just sign up for an Itellas account, as that system will allow you to record unanswered calls.