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Caller ID Spoofing is the basic and most important functionality of Frippie. Caller ID Spoofing allows customers to display virtually any phone number they want when placing a phone call.

Some frequently asked questions about Caller ID Spoofing include:

Can I control the NAME that appears on Caller ID?

Unfortunately, no.  Caller ID Names are controller by the phone company of the person receiving the call.  They will ignore any name information that is sent to them from the remote party, and instead perform a lookup from a national database to determine the name (referred to as "CNAM") associated with a phone number.  That means if you spoof someone's real phone number, their name will show up as well.

Can I be called back after I place a Spoofed call to someone?

No.  Spoofing does not leave "return" lines open.  Placing a spoofed call is just like placing a regular phone call, except you are manipulating the Caller ID signal.  Should someone you call try to dial a spoofed number, it's just like they are dialing that number for real.  They will get whoever owns that number, or an error message if the number was fake.

What numbers will show up on the phone bill?

For you, your bill will reflect calls to the Frippie access number.  This makes your calling even more private, because anyone going over your phone bill will only see that you called Frippie, they won't know who the Spoofed call was made to.  As for the party you're calling, the Spoofed number appears on their bill, not your real phone number.  It's 100% secure!

Can I call international numbers (outside of the USA)?

No.  The cost of international calling fluctuates, but remains high.  In order to provide an affordable service at competetive prices, we do not offer calling outside the USA.

I am located outside of the USA.  Will Frippie work in other countries?

No.  Our services are strictly controlled and do not work on mobile devices located outside of the USA.